A slate of business experts are set to deliver keynote addresses at the 2011 NAFCD and NBMDA Distributor Marketplace, Nov. 8-10, in Nashville. The Distributor Marketplace will feature three speakers: Stuart Varney, host of the Fox News Channel’s business news programVarney & Company;David Nour, ceo of the Nour Group consulting firm; and Dr. Barry Asmus, author and senior economist for the National Center for Policy Analysis.

“We’re excited to have such a strong lineup of business-focused speakers at this year’s Distributor Marketplace,” said Kevin Gammonley, NBMDA evp. “With the economic recovery in such a tentative position at this time, it is very important for our attendees to learn how to react to this economic climate and plan for growth and success as conditions change.”

Varney is one of the best known business news journalists in the world. With more than 30 years of Peabody Award-winning coverage of business and finance, At the Distributor Marketplace, Varney will share some of his business and communications expertise in a discussion on the national and global economic outlook.

David Nour is the ceo of the Nour Group, a consulting firm that has advised such marquee corporations as HP, Cisco, Siemens, and others. He has helped drive unprecedented growth in these and more than 100 other companies through the building of strategic relationships. Nour will help Distributor Marketplace attendees understand how to use today’s social media and communications technology as part of a comprehensive business and relationship-building strategy.

In his role as senior economist for the National Center for Policy Analysis, Dr. Barry Asmus writes, speaks, testifies, and consults with presidents of countries and companies. He has testified before Congress on tax policy, and has spoken on the privatization of Social Security at gatherings of European leaders. At the Distributor Marketplace he will provide an outlook on how policy will affect business in the near future.

“Attendees at this year’s Distributor Marketplace will come away with much more than valuable business connections,” said Michelle Miller, NAFCD evp. “Our speakers will equip attending members to develop new strategies and improve existing ones so that they build on today’s strengths to be in an even better position tomorrow.”

During roundtable sessions, Nour and Asmus will also spend time dialoguing directly with attendees.