Anderson Hardwood Floors has launched a new interactive website designed to offer training materials, lead generation, business updates and purchasing tools to distributors and retailers under one comprehensive web portal. The new site,AndersonConnect.comwas built to replace the Anderson DistributorPortal, and provides distributors, retailers and salespeople with the tools needed to successfully sell and market Anderson Hardwood, according to the company.

“This is a fresh new approach to partner support. Principal assets will be quicker access to various utilities and content, up-to-date training and a direct connection to business and event information,” said David R. Underwood, IT manager at Anderson Hardwood Floors.

Featuring a unique Anderson logo adapted for the website, incorporates a variety of user-friendly additions for the retailer, distributor and salesperson. An updated analytics snapshot showcases the top six most popular floors searched on Anderson’s flagship website,, during the last three months, providing users a better understanding of product preference. Additionally, the site features a lead generation section that lists potential Anderson consumers who have opted to receive information about specific hardwood products.

“This new and modern site is really meant to be more of an interaction hub than just a website, and I think we’re achieving that robust goal with these new additions,” Underwood noted.

The website is also home to more than 150 downloadable images, including logos, identification marks, various customizable newspaper and magazine ads, QR tags, banner ads, identity packs and more. The one-stop spot will also include a training module, featuring video and PowerPoint tutorials, some submitted by Anderson salespeople.