The Green Products Roundtable, a multi-sector facilitated stakeholder group, has announce its search for an interim executive director to spearhead the launch of a new entity that will provide leadership guidance on environmental standards, labels and claims. The initial timeframe for the position is six months, with potential to renew.

A multi-sector facilitated stakeholder group comprised of approximately 35 members representing a range of perspectives (the Green Products Roundtable) is creating this entity not to develop standards or labels or to duplicate the efforts of other key players. Rather, its goal is to collaborate with and further amplify the fruitful efforts already in existence within the green products marketplace and to provide guidance and direction where it is needed.

The interim executive director will work with the GPR Steering Committee, The Keystone Center, and subsequently the Interim Board (not yet selected) to collaboratively oversee the strategic launch of the new entity; including providing direction and leadership, coordinate with related sustainability efforts, attract funding required to take the new entity from an idea into sustainable and credible organization, and serve as the public spokesperson for the organization.

Interested candidates should send an e-mail to Suzan Klein ( by March 20, 2012. The e-mail should include a resume and bio highlighting pertinent skills and experience, and a proposed approach to overcoming the challenges of establishing sufficient traction and funding for the new entity over an initial six-month period.