The Mohawk Group has announced that each member of its commercial sales team will now utilize an iPad in the field to help customers identify and specify their flooring solutions more quickly and efficiently.

“Architects and designers are driven by deadlines, and the ability to meet those deadlines is more important than ever given today’s market,” said Merrie Barnett, director of marketing for the Mohawk Group. “Our customers need real-time answers to questions during meetings, as well as instant access to specific and detailed product information. The iPad gives our commercial team the ability to tap into all of our internal systems and provide the latest information on-demand. Wait times will be significantly reduced and scheduled visits will be much more beneficial to the customer.”

The move ties into Mohawk Group recently unveiled iPad catalog App, which allows designers and architects to interactively search the Mohawk Group’s product catalog. “We’ve done the research and we know that, even if architects and designers aren’t using it right now, the iPad is their technology of choice moving forward because it delivers information quickly, as well as virtually,” Barnett noted. “We see it as a real competitive advantage.”

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