Cobble’s Colortec tufting machine can now be equipped with an advanced Level-Cut-Loop (LCL) attachment to produce patterns in cut and loop. It can be fitted to existing machines or supplied with new orders and allows designers to take full advantage when running a six-color pattern. A total of 12 different effects can be produced by simply designing cut and loop for each color.

The Colortec machine is in production throughout the world in a variety of gauges including 5/32”, 1/7” and 1/10”. Its exceptional patterning capability has transformed the hospitality, commercial, logo and rug Industry.

Now, with the option of Cobble’s advanced LCL attachment for cut and loop production, manufacturers can optimize 6-colour patterning to extend their product range, according to Cobble.

The 12 different effects from six colors are achieved by utilizing the light and dull luster of yarn in the loop or cut state. Individual control of the ‘Standard’ Tufting needles used on the Colortec ensures that the machine can tuft all types of yarns to produce the same high quality results, the company added.