Desso is launching 60 percent of its carpet tile range with Econyl yarn from Aquafil S.P.A.; a yarn made from 100% recycled content, including post-consumer yarn waste from Desso’s Refinity plant.

In early 2008, Desso made the commitment to become 100% Cradle to Cradle by 2020. Last year, Desso launched EcoBase, a new carpet tile backing that is 100% safely recyclable in its own production process, according to the company. The separation of carpet fibers and the backing of used carpet tiles takes place in Desso’s Refinity plant. Two material streams are produced and after an additional purification stage, the carpet fibers are converted back to the basic material and returned to the yarn manufacturer for production of new yarn.

During a recent visit to Aquafil’s regeneration plant in Slovenia, Stef Kranendijk, Desso ceo, stated: "We are proud to be here at Aquafil’s regeneration plant and to announce that Desso will transfer the majority of its carpet tile volume to Econyl, a yarn made from 100% recycled content. This is a conscious choice by Desso to ensure that our volume products are transferred to Econyl yarn, in order to make the biggest positive environmental impact. Next to that, it fits perfectly within our Cradle to Cradle strategy of closing the loop, and we are extremely proud to have such an outstanding partner in Aquafil, who supports our long-term vision."

Giulio Bonazzi, president Aquafil S.P.A., added: "Desso is a key strategic partner for us in Europe, and our companies share the same vision to safeguard valuable raw materials and re-use these in endless cycles. Also thanks to Desso’s Cradle to Cradle strategy, Aquafil now receives post-consumer yarn waste from Desso’s Refinity plant, which is then used by Aquafil for production of new yarn. Together, we are trying to close the loop."