Strategis has outdone itself again with their all new PICASSO Artwood program, a product unlike any other hardwood you have ever seen.

Strategis, the manufacturer of the Trillium Bamboo program, has outdone itself again with their all new PICASSO Artwood program. This product is unlike any other hardwood you have ever seen; not even the most spectacular exotics can challenge it for style, character, uniqueness and a great eco-friendly story.

  Why the name PICASSO? The timber that individual boards are cut from is handmade; the hand layering process ensures that no two boards are the same. Each board features a kaleidoscopic riot of colors and grain designs. Finished floors are much more than a hardwood floor; they are true works of art!  The abstract nature of each floor can be said to evoke thoughts of Pablo Picasso fine works of art. Three different selections are available: Fantasia, Terrazzo and Onyx.

  PICASSO Artwood is one of the most eco-friendly hardwoods available. It is made from a 100% blend of recovered (trim and waste) veneers from the furniture industry, as well as veneers made from plantation grown hardwoods. We do not use any forest-grown timber in the product. The special two month long manufacturing process creates boards of exceptional hardness and durability. Boards are pre-finished with the 9 coat DurAlOx Everlast system and carry a 35-year warranty.

  If you are looking for a unique floor that makes a bold décor statement and a small eco-footprint, PICASSO Artwood is the floor for you!

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