Fortune Contract recently completed a total overhaul of its website, With a focus on improved functionality, visitors to the site are now able to easily search and view all Fortune carpet products, as well as get the latest company news.

“It was definitely time to evolve our website to a more stylish, user-friendly experience,” explains Fortune Vice President Judith Ingalls. “Besides all the company and product information, the site now allows visitors to find products to match their design and usage needs.”

The entire Fortune product collection can be viewed on the website and can be sorted by type (broadloom or tile), pattern, color and/or scale. Visitors can also browse the Image Gallery to see photos of Fortune products in use. In addition to improved functionality, the site features a look and feel that’s in keeping with the sophisticated image of Fortune, according to the company. The company partnered with Georgia marketing agency The Branding Firm to design and develop the website.

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