Mercer Abrasives has added to the existing Black Lightning® line with Silver Lightning™ and Blue Lightning™

Silver Lightning™ is a collection of 27 wood cutting carbide blades for every construction application.

These high quality blades cut fast, clean, and accurately.

  • Laser Cut Noise Reduction Anti-Vibration Vents –Reduces noise and vibration, while stabilizing the blade. Produces a smoother, cleaner cut and longer blade life.
  • Laser Cut Heat Expansion Slots -–Allows blade to expand due to heat build up. Keeps the cut accurate and controlled.
  • Laser Cut Arbor –Reduces vibration and wear. Keeps rotation consistent.
  • Laser Cut Thin Kerf –Produces a fast, clean, and accurate cut.

Blue Lightning™ is a collection of 34 diamond blades and 4 diamond cup wheels. It features an exclusive mix of industrial quality diamonds and metal powders, creating a long lasting diamond blade. Hot pressed technology produces a consistent density of segments and rims that hold up to the toughest applications.

  • High Diamond Concentration –Allows the blade to last longer and increase efficiency
  • Special Bond: Directly Sintered, Vacuum Brazed, or Laser Welded
  • Tensioned and Balanced –No wobble while using blade –Longer blade life
  • 10mm-12mm diamond rim height, steel core, prietary diamond bond