Tricycle Inc. introduced new Apps for iPad and iPhone as well as upgrades to the successful line of web based and digital design tools catering to the textile and flooring industries at this year’s NeoCon in Chicago.

Building on the success of Tricycle’s sustainable sampling Tryk, these tools represent a move forward to better suit the immediate needs of the design community. Tricycle’s proven SIM  technology is now accessible on iPad and iPhone platforms as well as Tryk online studios. Manufacturing representatives, as well as the A & D community can achieve immediate custom configurations and deliver high-quality PDF images for presentations. The Apps are not simply device-compliant web tools but applications developed specifically to take advantage of the iPad and iPhone’s unique capabilities. Re-coloring custom products and virtual room scenes can be achieved in real time and PDF’s are simulated, rendered, and sent via email in minutes.

Faster sampling with custom capability through handheld devices offers an untethered means to expedite the user’s specific demands, achieving the capabilities for on-the-fly presentations, client communication, documentation, and sharing. This offers a competitive advantage to a broader market utilizing fewer physical samples and faster to market sales.