Shamrock Plank Flooring is excited to introduce the Rancho Madera Collection of Distressed Flooring.  Rancho Madera is ½” Environeered flooring in a 7” width with long 1’ to 7’ lengths with heavy longer lengths. The hand detailing is done by a group of skilled artisans.

The Rancho Madera Collection features six selections.  Three hickory colors available in a hand scraped detailing, and three  wire brushed floors in White Oak.  The Rancho Madera Collection is also proudly made in the USA.

In an effort to extend nature’s resources, an engineered line of flooring was created and designed to be environmentally conservative.  Shamrock’s Environeered flooring utilizes only ¼ of the hardwood used in solid flooring, preserving the same wear life and extending the use of our hardwood resources.  The core is made from 7 layers of faster growing plantation grown Birch.  This allows for increased structural stability of the flooring while minimizing the amount of hardwood harvested.

Contact Shamrock Plank Flooring’s sales department at 1-866-473-3765 for more details and pricing.