Tuftex, a subsidiary of Shaw Industries Group, Inc., announced recently the release of a pro-carpet video series to the company’s retailer partners. New installments will be provided once every two weeks on ShawAdvantage.com until all twelve videos have debuted. These creative, multi-use video assets can be used to develop a variety of different advertising spots, including on air, on hosted sites such as Youtube and in website promotions.

The open-source clips are between ten and twenty seconds in length and will serve to promote the carpet industry. Each video is accompanied by photos and copy for use in print or static online applications. The unbranded videos tout a variety of positive aspects and benefits of carpeting products.

“The videos showcase the functionality, design and creative style of Shaw’s Premier Tuftex line of carpets,” said Stefan Hoher, director of marketing technology for Tuftex. “The videos act to support the entire carpet industry, touting the softness and support carpeting provides throughout the home environment.”

The pro-carpet video topics include positive messages and education around several topics, including: dust and air quality, noise reduction, and temperature control. Several of the installments directly juxtapose hard surface flooring and carpet, driving home the concept that, “nothing feels quite as good as carpet.”

Tuftex strives to provide effective dealer advertising that drives consumer interest in carpet products. The series will be accompanied by supplemental marketing materials and suggestions for how dealers may best utilize the campaign to grow their own business.    

The spots were produced to support and underscore the principles of “Marpeting,” an advertising and marketing for carpeting and flooring campaign developed by Tuftex in 2011.  The main focus is the WIIFM principle or "What's in it for ME?" concept that encourages education and effective selling techniques.

The series, in its entirety, will be displayed at Shaw’s 2013 Winter Markets. For more information or to access the released videos, flooring dealers are encouraged to visit www.ShawAdvantage.com.