Teragren will be featured across the country during the months of September and October on the television show, The Environmental Report hosted by former NFL Quarterback Terry Bradshaw.
This popular television show airs nationwide on cable networks such as CNN Headline News and Fox Business Network. Terry Bradshaw is not only a great host, but also a champion of the sustainability field who gives his time to a number of charitable institutions such as Habitat for Humanity. In The Environmental Report, Bradshaw introduces viewers to innovative companies and products that provide environmentally conscious alternatives for consumers in the marketplace today. The primary goal of the show is to spotlight those who are championing conservation efforts and to educate the public on protecting the environment.
The Environmental Report has covered products and services in the sectors of renewable energy, water conservation, organics and air quality. Teragren Bamboo is honored that its products and company practices are included among such an elite field. “We are very excited to work with Terry and The Environmental Report,” said Teragren President Mike Boshart. “They do a great job at distilling Teragren’s long standing environmental story and helping viewers in homes across the country understand how the way they spend their dollars impacts our global environment.”
The news segment takes viewers to Zhejiang Province, China to see up close the bamboo forests of Anji where Teragren bamboo is grown – the same forests where Feature Film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” was filmed. The segment shows how Teragren bamboo is harvested by hand, thereby protecting the fragile root systems of surrounding plants. Viewers are taken inside Teragren’s factory and shown how the round bamboo culm is sustainably milled and manufactured into flat bamboo flooring and building products that are healthy for the planet and for the home.
“We believe we can make superior products whose use will make the world a better place – leaving more resources for our children, and our children’s children” said Boshart.
The segment aired earlier this month in San Antonio, Texas. The next airing will be in Denver, CO on September 18th. Additional airings will run throughout September and into October in Colorado, Washington DC, and Washington State. To find out about local listings in your area as they become available, visit http://theenviroreport.com/airings/. To watch the video, visit www.teragren.com/press.html.