ECONYL and Aquafil are featured on a five minute video program to be broadcasted nationally on Fox Business Network on Sunday, December 23 @ 4:00 PM ET. The Environmental Report with Terry Bradshaw is a television show that celebrates successful sustainable solutions, made by individuals, organizations, businesses and municipalities all around the world, informing viewers on a variety of topics related to preserving precious resources like water, air, fuel and energy. The goal of the show’s producers is to broaden the perspectives of viewers from every walk of life, encouraging them to take steps towards achieving a brighter future and a healthier and cleaner environment for all of us.

Aquafil continues towards its goal of a 100% post-consumer product currently offering 25% post-consumer with a target of 50% by NeoCon 2013. The ECONYL plant started to operate in February 2011 at the Aquafil production site in Slovenia and manufactures 100% non-virgin caprolactam from post-consumer and post-industrial materials. The product is certified by UL Environment as made with 100% regenerated nylon and, in celebration of this accomplishment, Aquafil has launched a new logo and slogan. Featured here at the bottom, it represents the closed loop principle of Econyl which allows old carpet fibers to be regenerated into new ones and become carpet again infinite times.

The video can be viewed on under the news/media heading.