eLev8 by AFFLINK, the company’s new diagnostic tool, is up for an ISSA 2012 ISSA Innovations Award in the Services and Technology category.

The eLev8 process was specifically developed to address the operations, management, and procurement needs of organizations in such diverse industries as foodservice, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate/building management, government, and education.

According to Michael Wilson, Marketing Director for AFFLINK, the tool is specifically designed to help managers with the following:

  • Uncover new opportunities to improve the overall health of their facilities
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase worker productivity
  • Meet sustainability and Green objectives.

In essence, eLev8 “provides answers where most people are still struggling with the questions. The process is able to analyzes vast quantities of information and then turn it into useful insight,” says Wilson.

“Now business owners have more than just data – they have a roadmap to product, process and supply chain optimization.”

The eLev8 process was first introduced in 2011 after more than two years of research and at a development cost of more than $2 million. The technology is already being used by several major companies and organizations throughout North America.

“This is a process whose time has come in the world of facility maintenance,” adds Wilson. “We see a bright future for eLev8 and the distributors who embrace it.  This is truly one of the most innovative products to be introduced to the industry in several years.”