As 2013 kicks off, we find ourselves once again in the throes of reflection, reminiscence and, of course, resolution; resolving to start this or stop that (or at least dial it back a bit) in order to better ourselves and those around us.

Last year saw a lot of change, not the least of which occurred in the pages of this very publication. New faces, new names and a new purpose worked together to take a reinvigorated Floor Trendsin a new direction: to discern, discover and deliver the latest design trends and style-driving influences impacting the industry in both the commercial and residential sectors. So much is made of what’s hot today that, too often, we forget to keep an eye out for what will be center stage tomorrow.

We’ve worked hard to advance the concept of the floor covering industry as a whole, where every segment – manufacturing, distribution, retail, installation, inspection, et al – affects the rest, collectively growing, expanding and moving forward. That notion is one reason we’re proud to announce the Floor TrendsTrendsetter Award.

Trendsetters are leaders, pacemakers who set the bar higher, do the job smarter and help to raise up everyone around them. They personify excellence in everything they do. The Trendsetter Award recognizes individuals in the floor covering industry whose contributions, efforts and innovations have resulted in the betterment of their business, their industry and their community, improving the lives and prospects of those around them.

Now, we all know there are a lot of awards out there. So why bring a new entrée to an already crowded table? Simple: Trendsetters can be found everywherein the industry, not just the corner office. From the warehouse manager who conceives a more efficient method for inventory control to the salesperson on the floor whose script brings a whole new meaning to customer service, these are the innovators, the people whose ideas and drive advance their companies, their co-workers and their industry.

Do you work with, for, or otherwise know someone who fits the definition of a Trendsetter? We want to hear about them and, more importantly, so do their peers. Go to the Floor Trendswebsite at, click on the “2013 Trendsetter Award” icon and tell us about the Trendsetter who inspires you. Nominations are being accepted now through March 31; awards will be presented in July.

The Trendsetter Awardis just one of many ways Floor Trendsacknowledges the innovators and the role they play in and beyond the floor covering industry. Help us recognize their contributions today!  

As editor in chief of Floor Trends,Jeff is always on the lookout for the latest innovations and trends influencing the floor covering industry. He can be reached at