General Tools & Instruments (General) has the solution for working in tight, poorly lit spots where it’s a struggle to see and retrieve small objects or perform difficult, repetitive fastening jobs involving tiny screws. Two new Lighted Magnetic/ Mechanical Pickups (70390 & 70391), the Lighted Cordless Power Precision Screwdriver (502) and the 8-in-1 Lighted Precision Screwdriver (75108) join General’s family of specialty hand toolst.0

General’s two new Lighted Magnetic/Mechanical Pickups (70390 & 70391) provide illumination and a recovery capability along with comfortable, ergonomically designed hand controls. When the handle is depressed gently, the powerful white LED centered in the tip directly illuminates the task at hand. Depress the handle fully, and a strong four-pronged steel-jaw grabber extends from the tip to capture small objects. A retractable magnetic sleeve (housed in the handle) can be deployed easily to retrieve nuts, bolts and other metal objects. The long flexible shafts (24 in. – 70390; 36 in. – 70391) allow you to maneuver behind workbenches and in other constricted spaces.

The new Lighted Cordless Power Precision Screwdriver (502) is a first-of-its-kind tool that’s perfect for anyone who works with small parts and micro assemblies in low-light situations. An exclusive Super-Torque drive generates 100+ RPM while a high-powered LED aims a white light directly on the work area. The pen-sized tool comes complete with six precision 4mm bits: Slotted: 1/16 in. and 1/8 in.; Phillips: #0 and #1; and Torx: T5 and T6. A quick-change chuck enables effortless swapping between bits and accommodates all available standard-sized 4mm bits. The ergonomic rubber grip and ABS housing boost the tool’s functional design.

General’s new 8-in-1 Lighted Precision Screwdriver (75108) features two bright white LEDs combined with a transparent collar to provide 360-degree lighting. The tool also features a secondary removable mini-screwdriver and an ergonomic cushioned grip with rotating cap. A convenient bit storage compartment in the precision engineered handle keeps all included bits together, reducing the risk of lost or misplaced parts. The screwdriver comes with four reversible bits: Slotted: 1/8 in. and 5/64 in.; Phillips: #000 and #0; Torx: T5 and T8; and Torx: T6 and T10.

See General’s New Lighted Tools at Booth 6240 at NHS 2013, May 7 - 9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The tools will be on display and available for order.

General’s Family of Lighted Tools also includes:

· Three Lighted Mechanical Pickups (70393, 70396 & 70399)

· Rectangular LED Lighted Telescoping Inspection Mirror (80560)

· Circular LED Lighted Telescoping Inspection Mirror (80557)

· Smooth Point Lighted Tweezer (70401)

· Serrated Blunt Tip Lighted Tweezer (70403)

· Serrated Bent Tip Lighted Tweezer (70408)

· Two-Piece Lighted Tweezer Set (70402; comprises 70401 & 70408)

· Three-Piece Lighted Tweezer Set (70400; comprises 70401, 70403 & 70408)

· LumiLENS Adjustable LED Lighted Magnifier (800543)

· Versa-Grip Telescoping Mini-Light (759581)

· Versa-Grip Telescoping Mini-Light with Magnetic Pick-Up (759582)

· ‘Lite-It’ Clip-On Mini Light (580)

· Telescoping Mini-Lite With Magnetic Pick-up (582)