American Carpet One of Honolulu, HI hosted a second CFI – CCA Global Partners carpet training and certification event in April. The dedication of David Arita, owner and the installation manager, Larry Marvel, to provide their customers with what they expect of a new carpet experience is outstanding. They are determined that the installers who represent American Carpet One will be the best on the island and their customers will receive a “hassle-free” installation experience. What a commitment!

“This is the way to increase our sales and assure our customers that the flooring installers are prepared to do the work correctly and provide customer satisfaction that is unequalled,” said Larry Marvel. “We believe strongly in CFI and the methods that are taught.  Robert Varden has shown us techniques that not only provide a better installation, but help the installers to exhibit pride in their workmanship and customer service skills.  As we watch the progress of the installation team, we are certain that American Carpet One is on the right track.”

Tom Jennings addressed the sharing customer service skill sets and methods that can used to make the customer at ease with the flooring installation.  Robert Varden started the four-day program with the training of the residential installers. Eleven were certified to the CFI Residential -I level, bringing this total to 25.

Installers who earlier had achieved the Residential-I Certification, felt at ease working with the CFI Team. They were anxious to enhance their skills and add more value to their workmanship. The skill sets that are necessary to achieve the C-I level include among other things, the knowledge of patterned carpets and the skills required, direct-glue installations and seaming methods. The installers were proficient in all tasks that were presented. Eleven installers achieved the CFI Commercial-I Certification. The installers who were certified R-I and C-I are also scheduled for the Residential-II Advanced CFI Certification that American Carpet One is hosting in September.

“I endorse this training and support Larry as he moves the CFI program forward for the installers who represent our firm,” said David Arita, owner. “Inside our facility, Larry is constructing a first-class training center. We have modeled it after the CFI training methods and it will be available for training and certification when they return in September. We are dedicated to building an installation team that provides the ultimate in customer service.”

Larry added, “Our training center will be complete with all the modules, props and tools for training. It is quite an undertaking and only possible with David’s dedication to our customers. I have followed CFI’s progress and the manner in which the organization is making a difference for many years. We are all excited that Honolulu is now represented among the membership.”

According to Robert Varden, Executive Director of CFI, “This group is more than willing to learn new techniques and is committed to professionalism. This is what CFI is all about and makes being an instructor very rewarding.  With their help, Honolulu is definitely feeling the impact of CFI Certification.”