Who doesn’t have horrible old grout somewhere in their home? In showers. Behind counters. On vanities. It is estimated that 85% of all tile in America was put in prior to 1985. And there’s a lot of dirty, moldy, and missing grout between those squares.

But a grout problem does not mean “rip it out.” Hyde Tools has introduced the HYDE Regrout Tool to give contractors and homeowners a fast, easy way to refresh tile rather than replace it. Hyde has presented the 3-speed, electric grout removal tool as “the most economical and effective powered tool for removing grout” on the market.

“Homeowners will appreciate this tool for the same reasons pros do: It works fast, won’t damage tile or hurt the user, and doesn’t create the toxic dust kicked up by rotary and oscillating tools,” says Corey Talbot, Vice President for Marketing and Product Development at Hyde.

The Regrout Tool can be adjusted for the speed and precision required for deco’s, liners, V-caps, quarter-rounds, 90° corners and more, making this the most complete grout removal tool of its kind, he noted.

The Regrout Tool comes with two carbide bits (pointed and chisel), a hex key and bit storage that attaches to the cord. It features a rubberized hand grip, an 8-foot cord and a long-life motor that is vented for hours of use without overheating.

The HYDE Regrout Tool:

• Removes grout at up to 1" per second

• Works with sanded or non-sanded grout

• Removes grout 1/8” wide or less, which covers an estimated 80% of all U.S. grout lines

• Will not damage the tiles

• Safer to use than rotary and oscillating tools

• Creates little or no dust

• Has 3 speeds for added control

The Regrout Tool is now available at Ace, True Value and Do-It-Best locations, and is available online through a variety of retail outlets. For more information and a video, go to hydetools.com and search item #19500.