ECORE International, a company where recycling meets original thinking, is proud to unveil E-Releasable, a new ECORE branded adhesive that has been developed specifically for use in the installation of rubber backed carpet tiles or ECOsurfaces over access panel flooring.

Available in 4-gallon pails, E-Releasable adhesive provides both permanent and releasable bonds for rubber-backed carpet tile. Its unique formulation has been developed to provide a very aggressive bond to rubber-backed carpet tile. E-Releasable can be installed into wet adhesive for permanent bonding and allowed to dry to its tacky phase for releasable installations. E-Releasable Adhesive can also be used in fast-track construction practices, where the moisture vapor emission rates (MVERs) are less than 8 lbs. (3,63 kg) (ASTM F1869) and relative humidity (RH) 90 percent (ASTM F2170) respectively, and show diminishing results over time.

Some other advantages of using E-Releasable are:

· Low VOC formula meets SCAQMD

· Easy to trowel and easy clean up

· No mixing required

· CRI Green Label Plus Certified

· Has a 2-year shelf life

· Antimicrobial.

E-Releasable will become the adhesive of choice as ECORE expands its rubber backed carpet tile offering in the future. To learn more about ECORE visit: