DAP Products Inc. announces its latest innovation to help simplify interior painting projects for the professional and do-it-yourselfer alike. New DAP ALEX FLEX Premium Molding and Trim Sealant is specially formulated for outstanding performance on one of the most difficult steps in the painting process: sealing molding and trim.

To achieve beautiful and professional results, molding and trim must be sealed before it is painted. Even when using advanced paints and primers, the wrong sealant will result in unsightly cracks and the need to do the job again. DAP ALEX FLEX features crack-proof flexibility for perfect results every time. Whether used on basic molding such as windows, doors and baseboards, or on the most advanced fixtures like complex crown molding, DAP ALEX FLEX will perform. 

DAP ALEX FLEX is not only flexible, but it is ready to paint in 30 minutes, shortening project time. It is also easy to apply and tool, and cleans up quickly with soap and water, simplifying the overall process. With shorter and easier projects, professionals save time and money, and DIY’ers can get back to enjoying the weekend. DAP ALEX FLEX further simplifies projects with its versatility. The formulation seals wood or synthetic trim and will not shine through paint (even without primer). The finish will stay beautiful for years to come since the cured sealant is mold and mildew resistant.

“DAP ALEX FLEX Premium Molding and Trim Sealant is an important innovation for DAP because saving time and money is more important than ever to both pros and do-it-yourselfers,” said Mike Gorman, vice president of marketing. “A project needs to be finished fast, and finished right the first time. ALEX FLEX shortens the overall paint project time and prevents painters from having to do the job twice. That’s valuable.”

DAP ALEX FLEX is available in white in 10.1 fluid ounce plastic cartridge. It is available at Lowe’s and other retailers. To find a location where  DAP ALEX FLEX is sold, please visit the “Where to Buy” section of the DAP website at www.dap.com.