Vitromex USA, a producer of porcelain and ceramic tile, has launched a revamped website,

Vitromex’s new website has been designed to allow the process of searching for a particular series, size, color, function or material easier and faster. Enhanced search functionality is at the heart of the site, allowing residential and commercial customers to select attributes to find the perfect tile options for their needs.

“We know that today’s busy web users want to quickly select options that are important to them to help return a search result that provide the exact information they need, when they need it”, said Nicole Kelly, Director of Marketing for Vitromex USA. “This new redesign allows for our products to be quickly searched and provides a much better web experience.”

The new website for Vitromex also features redesigned product pages and an image gallery that offers an album of room scenes to inspire design and decorating ideas. A searchable database of distributor locations will allow consumers to quickly find a source for Vitromex products in their area.
For more information, visit Vitromex’s new website at