IndusParquet brings the tropics to homes with its new Brazilian Teak profile. This new Brazilian Teak engineered hardwood flooring gives consumers a golden opportunity to incorporate the popular wood into their home, at a great value.

The smooth, Brazilian Teak profile, with rich hues of warm honey and golden caramel, is available in three-and-a-quarter and five-inch plank widths. Featuring a multi-ply construction of 100 percent hardwood, the top layer of the Brazilian Teak engineered flooring is milled to capture the detailed grains and textures found in the finest, solid teak floors without the additional expense. Prices on the flooring start at $7.49 per square foot.

“Teak is synonymous with the tropics and luxury,” said Jason Strong, IndusParquet vice president of sales and marketing. “This popular, exotic wood is often used on extravagant yachts, high-end automobiles, and in opulent spaces.  Now, with the release of our engineered Brazilian Teak profile, everyone can incorporate teak flooring into their home without breaking the bank.” 

The Brazilian Teak profile features IndusParquet proprietary manufacturing processes including:

  • ClearVue, a colorless, crystal clear finish that helps ensure lasting durability and beauty
  • Breathe, a proprietary natural wood drying process that addresses the unique characteristics of each wood species by giving the wood required time to dry in a fresh air environment where it can breathe and relax—locking in its beauty and strength
  • INDURO, an advanced, aluminum-oxide formulation where crystals are embedded as part of the nine-coat process delivering unprecedented scratch and abrasion resistanceThe Brazilian Teak profile is now available at fine flooring showrooms nationwide. 

The Brazilian Teak profile is now available at fine flooring showrooms nationwide.