NedSense enterprises n.v. (NYSE Euronext Amsterdam: NEDSE) announced that specialist carpet designer and manufacturer MARCJANSSEN has selected the LOFT4Brands shared solution to offer a virtual showroom to its clients and design partners. 

MARCJANSSEN is a specialist carpet manufacturer in the Netherlands with an global footprint in hospitality and retail projects such as the Virgin Store in Dubai, the Raffles in Singapore, Nobu in Perth and the Plaza in New York, etc. As such their heritage centers around a combination of unique client facing design as well as durability in application. Marc Janssen set out to enrich the abilities his quality sales team and network with a virtual experience either in store or, as more often the case, on the client or project site. This way prospects would get an immediate impression of not only possible designs of carpet and rugs in the full collections across all color lines, but viewed in the context of their own environment in the case of specialist commercial and private projects.

The LOFT4Brands solution will be accessible to their entire sales network (in-house team, agents, design partners)  in the ‘Grandstore’ in Waardenburg, HQ to MARCJANSSEN, 3 flagship and 3 Bijenkorf stores, the shop in shop concepts and the UAE regional office in Dubai by September of this year. Customers of the web store can also use the LOFT4Brands solution to enhance their online shopping experience.

Rogier Janssen, General Manager states: “As a company we stand out through tailor made projects for exclusive international clients who demand to see the experience of their brand reflected in the carpets and rugs we provide.  We opt to bring this experience one step forward by offering a tailor made impression during the design and sales stages with LOFT4Brands. This always-on hosted solution is ideal for our sales teams both in store and in particular for agents and staff on site. We opted for LOFT because of its unparalleled visualization, seeing the carpet in LOFT is literally feeling and touching it”.  

Pieter Aarts, CEO of NedSense concludes: “We are obviously delighted to work with MARCJANSSEN as our launching partner for LOFT4Brands in the carpet sector. A shared solution is ideal for this company whereby making a custom fit offer at the right time at the right place within the remit of the customer’s own world is key. MARCJANSSEN as such draws its customer centricity into the new paradigm of both the physical and virtual with the same level of dedication that has brought the company where it is today.”