Välinge is pleased to announce the signature of a license agreement with Huizhou NaiBao Plastic Products Co., Ltd for the use of Välinge's mechanical locking patented technologies in their LVT flooring products.

The Chinese flooring producer Huizhou NaiBao Plastic Products Co., Ltd has signed a global, non-exclusive license agreement with Välinge allowing the company to start production and sales of a vinyl flooring products such as Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) utilizing 2G, 2G Fold Down and 5G glueless mechanical locking systems, which are based on Välinge's patents.

The Välinge specific IP rights related to resilient flooring with priority from 2001, in combination with the Mannington IP rights describing a resilient floor with a mechanical locking system with priority from 1999, and Classen IP rights describing fold down locking system create, together with the Välinge basic locking patents, a strong protection for any kind of LVT floors with locking systems.

Välinge's locking systems, designed with a high locking angle, are very suitable for resilient materials as they offer a high pulling strength in combination with easy installation and cost efficiency. Even in 3mm thin products the locking system is strong and robust with maintained good installation.

Välinge is pleased to welcome Huizhou NaiBao Plastic Products Co., Ltd as a new licensee.