Välinge and Mannington have signed a cross-license agreement that gives Välinge the exclusive right to sub-license the Mannington IP related to LVT-locking technology to other producers of this flooring type.

"We had a vision of mechanically locked LVT-floors already some 10 years ago. The IP coming out from this early development is now very important since the main principles are protected by our IP. The Välinge locking patents in combination with the specific resilient flooring related IP and the IP we now have exclusive rights to sublicensee from our patent pool partners makes Välinge the key licensor for companies that produce or sell a locking LVT. Our recent cross-license agreement with Classen gives access to another important IP portfolio that is also relevant for LVT floors. Licensing of third party IP in combination with our own IP is an important part of our future licensing strategy," said Niclas Håkansson, CEO Välinge Innovation.

"We are excited to announce this cross-license with Välinge. We believe this IP related to LVT locking systems creates a powerful leadership position in the fastest growing category in the industry," noted Kim Holm, President Residential Business, Mannington Mills Inc.