Three key members of the INSTALL program are teaming together to give attendees at IFMA’s 2013 World Workplace Facility Conference & Expo a comprehensive view of how to prevent or recover from flooring disasters.

Thanks to technical information authored by Lew Migliore of INSTALL partner, LGM & Associates, the seminar is a detailed description of the issues involved in choosing a flooring product, ensuring a proper installation and creating a maintenance plan for the installed flooring.

Presenting are David Meberg, CEO of Consolidated Carpet, an INSTALL Certified Contractor, and Management Chairman of the INSTALL Labor-Management Committee; Tony Prince, President of the Tony Prince Company, an INSTALL Certified Contractor, and the founding Management Chairman of the INSTALL Labor-Management Committee; and John McGrath, director of INSTALL. 

“Flooring failure remediation can cost up to 10 times the original installation costs, and are major disruption to a business. This presentation will provide World Workplace participants with enough information to safeguard against experiencing a flooring disaster,” McGrath said.

Within the presentation the viewer is provided information on the factors that contribute to flooring failures and preventive measures. These failures can be caused by:

installing the wrong product in wrong place

unacceptable and ill-prepared substrates

faulty installation and/or materials

poor or faulty maintenance

“Any and all of these scenarios can cause a failure to perform up to expectations. The many floor covering product choices available will be examined and described by detailing their strengths and showing many graphic examples of the cause and effect in flooring failures,” McGrath added.

World Workplace is October 2-4, 2013, in Philadelphia. The INSTALL presentation is October 3rd at 9:30 a.m. For more information about World Workplace, visit To learn more about INSTALL, visit