Senco is introducing a series of 200 PSI oil-free portable air compressors to its product portfolio.

The new line includes two 4.5 gallon units, offered in either a twin-stack configuration or as a roll-away, and a high capacity 15 gallon vertical tank model.  

All three units deliver up to 4.9 SCFM at 90 PSI, providing plenty of air flow and tank storage for multiple applications, including finish and trim carpentry, framing, roofing, flooring, siding, and deck building. 

“These new compressors address common concerns we heard from pros in the field related to performance, durability and versatility,” says Senco Product Manager Eric Bellman. 

“The 200 PSI max operating system produces about 40 percent more usable air than a 150 PSI unit, so users can run tools longer and complete projects faster,” adds Bellman. “The compressors’ high-efficiency 1.75 running horsepower induction motor fills the air tank quickly, reducing recovery time.”

All three compressors are equipped with dual couplers for multi-tool use, as well as a 95V start, a critical performance specification for use on jobsites that may only have a temporary electric pole or a generator. 

The oil-free pump design eliminates the need for oil and regular maintenance. Users can transport and store the units horizontally or vertically without worrying about spills. 

A new full roll cage design protects vital compressor components. Multiple grip points make the units easy to transport and store.  


The PC0968N 4.5 gallon twin stack unit can reach a max 200 PSI in 95 seconds and needs only 30 seconds of recovery time. It is equipped with an integrated control panel with highly visible gauges, multiple grip points for easy transporting, and a rugged roll cage to protect critical components. Non-slip rubber feet hold the unit in place and protect the work surface. The unit weighs 65 pounds. MSRP: $249-269. 



Weighing 87 pounds, the PC0969 4.5 gallon roll away compressor incorporates the same performance specifications as Senco’s twin-stack unit with a 200 PSI ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) certified tank oriented in a different manner. 

The unit reaches a max 200 PSI in 95 seconds and has a 30-second recovery time. The PC0969 features a telescoping handle and integrated wheels that do not engage until the unit is tipped back for transport, providing stability and preventing the compressor from moving while it’s running. MSRP: $289-309. 



Rounding out Senco’s 200 PSI compressor line is the PC0970, an ASME certified 15 gallon vertical unit. With its durable, narrow profile design, and high capacity tank, the PC0970 is versatile enough to use in either a garage shop environment or on the jobsite. 

Weighing less than 100 pounds, the compressor is easy to move and store thanks to the addition of semi-pneumatic wheels, multiple grip points, and a rugged roll cage. The PC0970 reaches a max 200 PSI in 320 seconds and requires 85 seconds of recovery time. MSRP: $329 - $349

All Senco compressors carry a one-year limited warranty and are available at Menards and through independent pro trade distributors. Visit for locations.