SelecTech recently announced plans for a retail/franchise division.

Based out of the company’s corporate headquarters in Avon, Mass., the new division will feature customer service and marketing representatives specifically dedicated to retail and franchise customers with multiple locations.

“Uniformity is one of the benefits of chains and franchises. You want the customer to have the same experience no matter which location they visit. That goes from the way they are greeted to the look and feel of the store,” said Thomas Ricciardelli, president of SelecTech Inc. “In addition to utilizing a breakthrough interlocking technology that minimizes installation materials and down time, our flooring products are easy to customize for multi-location organizations.”

Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) is one SelecTech’s recent retail customers. EMS wanted an attractive and comfortable floor for its shoe department to provide customers with the proper setting for selecting new shoes. EMS chose SelecTech’s FreeStyle flooring. 

With its patented resilient composition, FreeStyle provided the perfect solution. With no installation hassles and no waiting for concrete to cure and adhesives to dry, the FreeStyle floor was snapped together on the concrete floor and ready to use immediately—helping the entire build-out project run more effectively.

“Our mission is to encourage consumers to appreciate the outdoors and the responsibility that comes with this privilege. We wanted a ‘green’ flooring material that would be comfortable to walk on, install and maintain easily, and be reliable. FreeStyle helped us meet all of those needs,” said a company representative.

“Nowadays, franchisees seem to be drawn to franchisors with green initiatives. Our flooring products are made from 70% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable,” said Ricciardelli. “I’m not saying this will seal the deal on bringing in a new franchisee. But it certainly does show a level of commitment to greener operations by the franchisor that a potential franchisee has to respect.”

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