eaton world headquarters
The main lobby of new Eaton World Headquarters has a unique waterjet fabricated 48 foot by 60 foot map of the world, fabricated by Creative Edge.

The main lobby of new Eaton World Headquarters, Beachwood Ohio has a unique stone and metal feature. The high-tech lobby features a waterjet fabricated 48 foot by 60 foot map of the world composed of the VALS Quartzite, of Switzerland, fabricated by waterjet fabricator Creative Edge of Fairifeld, Iowa.

This stone was selected by the American architectural firm, Pickard Chilton for the lobby of Eaton. Ben Simmons, lead architect for the firm, selected the stone for its special qualities. The German exhibit and show designer, Richard Appelbaum Associates, New York office was selected to create the lobby presentation. Amid a hanging 40-foot LED cylinder-shaped digital display system, and a high-tech addressable digital wall is the floor piece—a map of the globe, symbolizing Eaton's global operations.

The VALS Stone exclusive U.S. distributor, Quarra Stone of Madison, Wis., assisted in creating the quarrying and fabrication plan. Creative Edge fabricated the map using two shades of the VALS stone; a gray-green for the sea, and, brown-green for the land. Dividing the sea and land is a 1/8 inches wide stainless steel feature which outlines all coastlines and lakes. 

The result is a unique monumental piece that portrays Eaton's global story and showcases the beauty and subtleties of the stone, according to the company.

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