Innovations4Flooring, a new technology company providing flooring installation solutions, will host a series of deep dive sessions with key industry players to discuss the future of the flooring industry’s patent landscape at Domotex, Jan. 17 to 20 in Hannover, Germany.

The company will also hold an exclusive industry forum for leaders and legal representatives of flooring manufacturers, as well as members of the press (by invitation only) during which breakthrough information will be shared.
“Domotex 2015 is where Innovations4Flooring will quite literally ‘take the floor’ by bringing the entire industry together on the future in flooring patents and demonstrating how this can transform their business for the better," said John Rietveldt, Innovations4Flooring's CEO. "We believe the global flooring patent market is on the eve of change and Domotex 2015 is the launch pad."
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