shaw lady in grey
Shaw's 2015 Color of the Year, "Lady in Grey," in style "Your World." 

Shaw Floors' 2015 color of the year is “Lady in Grey.”

“As we looked toward 2015 and our recent visits to design shows around the world, we couldn’t help but notice the continuation of gray as a major movement in fashion, home furnishings and other textiles,” said Emily Morrow, director of color, style and design for Shaw. “Shaw’s color of the year for 2015, Lady in Grey, is a sophisticated, modern, high-fashion and elegant hue.”
According to Morrow, other movements that will be on trend for 2015 include chic coastal design and blending classic decor with a modern twist. The rustic-industrial look that involves rusted metals and exposed beams has shifted to a more refined rustic look with the inclusion of softer, luxurious fabrics and patterns. Another design trend for 2015 includes larger geometric patterns, especially in carpet. However, within all these trends, gray is the unifying factor.
“Gray really is here to stay and it is a timeless addition to our color palette in the flooring industry. I can tell dealers and consumers with confidence that decorating with gray really is a classic, chic—but not too trendy—design element to use when decorating or redecorating their space. We look forward to launching our new products across all categories that have the influence of gray,” said Morrow.
In order to familiarize dealers and consumers with the 2015 color of the year, Shaw has produced a YouTube video featuring its design team that explores the inspiration for Lady in Grey. A shortened version of the video will be posted on Shaw's Instagram and Facebook social network channels. Morrow will also use Lady in Grey at Shaw’s bi-annual convention, Jan. 18 to 21, for dealer-focused breakout sessions on color, design and style for the new year.
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