Wools of New Zealand's Spring sale, named "Accept No Substitute," will run April 15 through May 31.

"Wool makes a huge difference in a home," said Hallie Cobb, executive director of North America for Wools of New Zealand. "It delivers warmth, natural beauty, performance and the health and safety benefits that today's consumers want, as well as incredible softness. The comfort of wool has been known for centuries. There really is no substitute." 

During this event, Wools of New Zealand's Premier Partners are offering New Zealand brand carpets and rugs at a discount, according to Cobb.

"Wools of New Zealand brand carpets and rugs offer exceptional beauty and softness," she added. "Wool is a natural, non-allergenic fiber that works to improve the health and safety of a home by cleansing the air. It is also an environmentally friendly, rapidly renewable fiber that helps sustain the planet’s natural resources."

For more information, visit woolsnz.com.