Liz Hause, of Liz Hause Interior Design in New London, N.H., is the winner of Company C's Interior Designer Challenge.

The contest invited designers to submit an original rug design that was judged by the Company C owners as well as a panel of prominent journalists and bloggers.

The main inspiration for Hause’s design was an aerial photograph taken over north Florida with her iPhone. “From the window of the plane I was awestruck by the cloud formations, the sky and the geometric shapes I saw below. With the blue sky above and this pattern below, it reminded me of a water reflection dappled by sunlight. My initial color thoughts were soft cool blues-greens of water and cozy warm orange, yellow and red of the sunset,” she commented. 

Chris Chapin, Company C's co-founder and colorful living officer added, “We were so impressed and pleased with Liz’ submission. Not only was her design visually compelling and colorful, the concept and presentation were thoughtful and perfectly in line with the Company C philosophy. We are really looking forward to working with Liz to bring her design idea to life.” 

According to Chapin, the Company C design team will work closely with Hause to transform her concept into a rug that will be launched during High Point Market in October and custom made for Hause personally. 

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