custom mortar
Custom’s Marble, Granite and Travertine mortar name has been changed to Natural Stone and Large Tile to better reflect the product’s capabilities.

Custom's Natural Stone and Large Tile Mortar, previously known as Marble, Granite and Travertine mortar, is part of the company's comprehensive family of modified dry-set mortars for large and heavy tile.

According to the company, the product renaming comes in response to the industry trend toward larger size field tiles. While Natural Stone and Large Tile Mortar was first conceived to specifically address the unique installation challenges of natural stone, the new name more clearly communicates its capabilities to successfully hold and support a wider variety of tile products on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

This premium mortar is engineered to support the weight of large and heavy ceramic or porcelain tile measuring 15-inches or greater on one or more sides, as well as all natural stone tiles that are inherently heavier. It can also be used with clay pavers and other thin or medium bed applications, according to Eric Carr, Custom's director of product and channel marketing—construction.

“Tile sizes have changed," he said. "Today, we see larger tiles, such as 12 x 24-inches and plank shape tiles in a variety of lengths from 24 to 48-inches, that require a different type of mortar. Custom's Natural Stone and Large Tile Mortar offers premium performance for the installations of these tiles with non-slump support for flat, even floor installations and non-sag/non-slip properties for wall installations."

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