SoftWear Automation, developer of fully automated sewing technologies, has launched its Lowry line of advanced sewing robots.

Built around patented machine vision, robotics and computing technologies, according to the company, the Lowry system automates the transfer and sewing of fabric, eliminating the need for trained seamstresses.

SoftWear’s Lowry is a lightweight, four axis robot used in fabric handling, pick and place operations and direct sewing. According to the company, the system dramatically reduces labor costs, production time and manufacturing errors. It fully integrates with existing cutters, fabric transfers and sewing machines, and can run on a continuous basis. Lowry leverages a high speed vision system to precisely track and prevent distortion of fabric – giving the robot a much higher level of precision and accuracy than its human counterparts.

According to the company, its robots can be used across all types of sewn product manufacturing—everything from home goods to shoes and clothing. Lowry is available in Gantry and Cantilever styles.

“Although Lowry is being used by home goods manufacturers, we are also seeing strong interest from the apparel industry,” said K.P. Reddy, CEO of SoftWear. “Our ‘sewbots’ can revolutionize the design, development and customization of apparel in the same way 3D printing has transformed the design, prototyping and production of durable goods.”

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