Refin showcased its new collection, Labyrinth, at the Cersaie tile fair.

Created by Giulio Iacchetti, Italian industrial designer, the collection is a creative expression playing with geometrical patterns and 3D effects, with intricate zigzag, mirror-like and symmetrical effects for unlimited graphic possibilities.

“The idea of this collection was to tell a story, while at the same time losing this idea of time and design,” said Iacchetti.

Challenging the classic square tile, the collection is divided into two families: Mirror and Angle. Mirror features a series of L-shaped patterns, while Angle expresses a multi-layered graphic concept, with a textured look that creates a 3D effect.

“For me, the concept is to conceive and design an element that is repeated all over the pattern, forming traces that wind around each other, marking patterns that are alternatively regular and complex,” said Iacchetti. “In this way, it’s able to evoke a sense of depth, creating an authentic, three-dimensional, graphic labyrinth.”

The project derives from an original geometric construction generated within a square; lines that join mid-points to the opposite vertices until they form two opposing L-shaped elements, which, depending on the direction the tile is turned in, make it possible to draw orderly lines of squares, segmented zigzag lines, or never-ending graphic perimeters.

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