Japan’s biggest commercial vinyl flooring manufacturer is now coming to the U.S. Tajima Flooring USA offers the American market a high-end vinyl floor with both style and performance, ideal for a wide range of commercial spaces.
Mark Walcoff has been appointed as president of Tajima Flooring USA and will be introducing the products with a soft launch at Surfaces in Las Vegas, January 19-22. 
Prior to joining Tajima, Walcoff served as president of National Plank and Tile and vice president of Parterre Flooring.
“Tajima brings a new level of design, durability and resilience to commercial flooring in the United States,” says Walcoff. “From wood grain to stone and marble patterns, our vinyl products help designers and specifiers create a beautiful environment that also delivers high-performance qualities like sound insulation, water resistance, anti-microbial barrier, load resistance and anti-static properties. It’s the perfect flooring for most any commercial environment including retail, corporate, healthcare and multi-family buildings.” 
Founded in 1911, Tajima was built on the power of design from the roof to the floor. The company created its vinyl flooring products with four main criteria in mind: purpose, aesthetics, durability and cost. To meet the needs of your specific settings, Tajima flooring is available in high-performance sheet vinyl, composition tile, and luxury vinyl plank and tile options, in a variety of designs and colors.
From production to daily use and disposal, Tajima flooring also offers many environmental benefits, according to the company. A sustainable manufacturing process is used in which any scrap that’s generated is recycled back into the product. And waste is minimized at all stages of production through to delivery of the finished product. The flooring is also manufactured to prevent microbial growth and provides low VOC emissions, allowing it to meet or exceed indoor air quality standards. Since it’s made to last, the long lifecycle of Tajima vinyl flooring provides both cost and environmental efficiencies.
For more information, visit tajimaflooringusa.com.