Florim has introduced its Magnum Oversize collection of extra-large size ceramic slabs.

The extra-large ceramic slabs change the perspectives of contemporary design, according to the company. Presented in nine sizes, with five different material inspirations and a thickness of just 6mm, they push the boundaries of size for ceramic tiles and offer new types of installations to appear alongside the traditional floor and wall coverings. Tables, kitchen worktops, doors and fireplaces are some of the solutions that can be created for furnishing accessories. 

The workability of the product, combined with a wide range of textures and surfaces, means that it is versatile in use and can be customized, making it suitable for wall-tiling in both commercial and residential spaces and able to respond to the ever-more-demanding contract and consumer markets.

Light, versatile, strong and with extraordinary aesthetic appeal, Magnum Oversize slabs are offered in different sizes according to the Florim brand-identities that feature the project: Floor Gres, Rex, Casa dolce casa and Casamood.

For more information, visit florimusa.com.