Haines is restructuring its management team to prepare for the future of the company.

Sixteen Haines leaders were promoted and given expanded duties to strengthen the company’s capability to improve and grow.

“When you are a top notch company you develop people," said Bruce Zwicker, president and CEO of the company. “Changes are inevitable and when they occur they are opportunities if you are prepared. We are. We’ve been preparing for years.”

Mike Barrett has been promoted to executive vice president–logistics; Hoy Lanning to executive vice president–CMH division; John Coakley to chief financial and technology officer and Bill Rothenbach to senior vice president–human resources.

Additionally, Jed Collins has been promoted to director—supplies division; Brian Green to director—CMH Sales, south; Mike Thomas to director—CMH sales, Florida; Jay Friend to director—CMH sales, north; Brian Parker to CMH marketing director; Nitin Mahajan to director—logistics optimization and planning; Mike Chisari to director—customer service and Haines' voice of the customer; Eric Davis to director—purchasing and supplier reliability and Jim Dennis to senior manager—supplies marketing and sales, north.

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