Mohawk Group has issued publicly disclosed Health Product Declarations (HPD) under the new HPD Open Standard Version 2.0 for EcoFlex NXT modular commercial floor covering and EcoFlex NXT Air tufted modular cushion tiles.

The HPD Open Standard was developed and is maintained by the HPD Collaborative, a non-profit, customer-led organization committed to the continuous improvement of the building industry’s environmental and health performance, through transparency and innovation in the building product supply chain. The HPD is an open standard that establishes a standard methodology and specification for reporting and disclosing information about the ingredients in a building product and their associated health information.

“These new HPDs will take the place of the HPDs that Mohawk issued under the original HPD 1.0 open standard,” said Rochelle Routman, Mohawk Flooring's vice president of sustainability. “With the implementation of LEED v4, it is more important than ever before to provide our customers with complete, transparent ingredients information of our products, and the potential health impacts of the ingredients themselves. We encourage all manufacturers of building products to embrace transparency, which is a necessary prerequisite for informed decisions related to the selection of appropriate materials for building projects. HPDs establish a common framework and language that Mohawk and other building product manufacturers can use to communicate ingredients and health information, which ensures accurate and consistent reporting."

Mohawk's new HPDs for both EcoFlex NXT modular commercial floor covering and EcoFlex NXT Air tufted cushion modular tiles includes the product ingredients, product descriptions and recycled content. 

“As visionary sponsors of the HPD Collaborative, Mohawk has long provided valuable support for our efforts to create a common disclosure language, streamline the reporting process for manufacturers and continue to provide the HPD Open Standard freely to the public, all with the shared goal of creating a healthier built environment,” said Wendy Vittori, executive director of the Health Product Declaration Collaborative.

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