Actor/Environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. endorses Bostik’s Ultra-Set® SingleStep2™

Bostik, Inc. (, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of architectural adhesives, has produced a video featuring well-known green activist, actor Ed Begley, Jr. In it, he speaks of why Ultra-Set® SingleStep2™ was the ideal wood flooring installation product for his LEED Platinum home. This video is easily seen by clicking: Earlier this year, Ed spoke to a large audience during The International Surface Event In Las Vegas on behalf of Bostik.

“We needed the right adhesive for the wood flooring,” Begley states in the video. He then proceeds to describe the sustainable oak floor material, which came from old barns and buildings, and how it needed an installation material that was “low VOC, provided a moisture barrier, contained high recycled content and easy to apply.”

Top builder John Woosley, who has worked closely with Begley for years, added, “When you get wood flooring that’s not pre-engineered, the planks often come in as uneven pieces. Some are curved to the left or right; some are not flat to the floor. The reason we’re using FSC-rated plywood for the subfloor is because we have to nail and glue the product to get the floor perfectly straight.”

Begley concluded, “Ultra-Set® SingleStep2™ was an important piece of the puzzle in getting LEED points. It was a sum total of different attributes. No other product would fit the bill for what we were trying to do here!”

Ultra-Set® SingleStep2® utilizes Bostik’s AXIOS® Tri-Linking™ polymer, which combines high-strength adhesive, industry-leading moisture barrier and sound abatement underlayment technologies all in one dynamic, space-age formulation.

Ultra-Set® SingleStep2™ also contains Bostik’s patent-pending Thickness Control™ Spacer Technology, a proprietary feature ensuring that ideal membrane thickness between substrate and hardwood flooring is maintained. According to Bostik Market Manager Eric Kurtz, “Ultra-Set® SingleStep2™ represents the highest feature set of any Bostik hardwood adhesive. Not only does it offer unlimited moisture vapor protection, it provides sound abatement properties equivalent to 1/4” cork underlayment. The Thickness Control™ Spacer Technology helps ensure the required membrane thickness for moisture control and sound abatement is maintained, even if installers walk on the flooring before the adhesive has cured.”

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