Filling The Prescription For Healthcare Interiors with Premium Resilient Sheet Flooring

Durable and environmentally responsible interior surfaces positively contribute to overall patient experience. Flooring designed for healthcare facilities, including: hospitals, outpatient care centers, nursing homes, and doctors’ offices, must create a warm, inviting environment while standing up to heavy foot traffic, patient transport devices and portable medical equipment. Designers of healthcare interiors should seek out flooring that effectively combines form and function to strike an ideal balance of beauty, strength, durability, and affordability. Optimal healthcare flooring would provide designers with an array of aesthetic options, and also actively resist stains and scuffs without requiring expensive, labor-intensive, and chemical-laden cleaning, waxing, and stripping maintenance.

Resilient sheet flooring, such as the new TOLI® Mature Select™ strikes this ideal balance between interior design and environmental performance considerations. Mature Select premium resilient sheet flooring represents a new industry standard for no-wax durability and performance in healthcare interiors.

  • Mature Select provides durable protection for high traffic healthcare interiors. Featuring a patent-pending ClearGuard™ transparent, two-tier, antibacterial, no-wax wear layer, Mature Select actively resists stains and scuffs without requiring waxing and stripping.
  • Mature Select features enhanced pliability and is compatible with flash coving and heat- or chemical-welding to provide a seamless transition to wall surfaces, and help eliminate gaps in which contaminants could collect.
  • To protect patients, healthcare providers, and facility staff, Mature Select resilient sheet flooring reduces the expense, chemical exposure, fumes, noise, and disruptions associated with the chemical waxing and stripping maintenance required by conventional commercial sheet flooring.
  • Mature Select’s environmental considerations extend beyond the reduction or elimination of the harsh chemicals used for waxing and stripping, and their effects on indoor air quality, to the energy savings and cost reduction associated with simpler maintenance procedures.
  • From an economic standpoint, Mature Select premium resilient sheet flooring effectively reduces the total cost of ownership in high-traffic healthcare environments by maintaining its aesthetic appeal for longer lifetimes with less maintenance, allowing healthcare facility managers to allocate more budget to patient care.
  • Mature Select is available in an array of aesthetically pleasing options to create a warm, welcoming environment capable of resisting the wear and tear of high-traffic without compromising on quality or raising overall cost.

TOLI logoTOLI Mature Select premium resilient sheet flooring is available exclusively from CBC Flooring: