CBC Flooring announced the launch of their newest product line – Nattice.

Katie Kawakami, CBC’s director of flooring stated, “We recently challenged Takiron to develop a product with a soft, textile aesthetic without sacrificing their industry-leading slip-resistance technology. Our distributors have urged us to expand the existing Takiron product offering and we have responded by raising the bar with our new Nattice line.”

Nattice is inherently slip resistant (both wet and dry), resists commercial wear from hard-soled shoes yet is comfortable enough for bare feet, and can be used for interior or exterior applications. “Nattice’s slip-resistance features coupled with its soft aesthetic make it an ideal choice for interior/exterior corridors or ramps, entryways, locker rooms, waiting rooms, patient rooms, and many other areas where you are looking for a unique visual or slip-resistance, or both,” added Kawakami.

Another key feature of Nattice is its ease of maintenance. Kawakami continued, “It requires no waxes or polishes so maintenance is as easy as a neutral cleaner with a mop or auto-scrubber. As a result, the burden of on-going maintenance costs is reduced while occupant safety is enhanced.”

And to expand this exciting new product launch, Takiron also introduced a line of commercial one-piece tread/riser that coordinates with the slip-resistant sheet line. Kawakami added, “The coordinating treads provide a clean and slip-resistant tread allowing you to extend the warmer aesthetic either inside or out. These easy-to-install, integrated nosing/tread/risers are available with a color coordinating or visually impactful, yellow nosing.” Both sheet and treads are available in 4 colors – each of them inspired by nature.

Nattice, Pathways and their coordinating stair treads are now combined to form CBC’s Step Easy Collection. Products in this collection not only offer risk-reduction but also a warm, textile aesthetic that broadens the use of traditional slip-retardant flooring. Step Easy Collection is a unique solution for multi-family, healthcare, retail, hospitality, corporate, or any other environment where safe, attractive, and low-maintenance flooring is desired.

All Takiron products, including stair treads, are stocked in depth to provide quick service for the commercial market.

Products can be viewed, samples ordered, or literature downloaded at www.cbcflooring.com.