Custom® Building Product’s industry-leading Fusion Pro® Single Component® Grout features an advanced formula that delivers unsurpassed stain resistance without ever needing to be sealed. This ready-to-use product requires no mixing and is easy to spread and clean. It offers the ultimate in color consistency and cures with exceptional hardness, similar to cement grouts.

Fusion Pro’s patented formula gives it a creamy consistency that installers find easy to use. It is engineered to be used with virtually all types of tile and natural stone applications that contain grout joints ranging from 1/2-inch down to 1/16-inch. The product will not sag or slump making it ideal for interior and exterior floor, wall and countertop installations.

Fusion Pro represents a revolution within the tile and stone industry by offering installers a product that delivers the benefits of cement-based and two-part epoxy grouts, all in a single-component formula. Fusion Pro performs better, is easier to use, and offers performance similar to epoxies in a more economical solution. In addition, Fusion Pro has a stain proof and color perfect guarantee that protects the tile installation against common household staining agents like mold and mildew, foods, oils, non-acidic cleaners and mud. The CUSTOM website provides complete details.

Available in 40 designer-inspired colors, Fusion Pro® has been successfully used in commercial and residential projects including major retailers, restaurants, condos, hotels, airports and other major transportation stations since 2012. Fusion Pro also includes Microban® , which works continuously to inhibit the growth of stain causing mold and mildew on dried grout.

Custom Building Products logoFusion Pro® comes in one-gallon and one quart pails. It meets the performance criteria of ANSI A118.7 and A118.3. To access additional product information including technical data sheets, color select and coverage charts, download the CUSTOM® mobile app for free on iOS or Android smarts devices.

Fusion Pro®’s companion product, the Fusion Pro® Designer Series, offers an additional eight designer inspired colors that deliver reflective color accents for specialty applications.

Product Description

Fusion Pro the stain proof grout. This professional grade sanded grout features unsurpassed stain resistance with no sealing required. Its Single Component® formula is ready to use, color consistent and easy to spread and clean. Fusion Pro can be installed in commercial and residential environments, interiors and exteriors, and on walls and floors. Its patented formulation can be applied on all tiles and has built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection. U.S. Patents 8,349,068, 8,357,238 and 8,876,966.

Key Features

  • Stainproof and color perfect
  • Unsurpassed stain resistance
  • Never needs sealing
  • Easy to spread and clean
  • Ultimate color consistency


  • Use to fill joint widths 1/16” to 1/2” (1.6-13 mm)
  • May be used for both floor and wall installations
  • Exterior and interior applications.
  • Commercial and residential applications
  • Countertops, tub surrounds, showers and high traffic areas


  • Stain resistant grout
  • No sealing required
  • Ready to use
  • Hard, durable grout joints
  • No efflorescence
  • Crack resistant
  • MicroBan® antimicrobial product protection


  • All colors available in 1 gallon pails
  • Select colors available in 1 quart pails
  • Available in 40 standard colors

Technical Data Approvals

  • Meets the performance criteria of A118.7 and A118.3