Shaw Floors has announced a partnership with Lead Tool, a cloud-based sales enablement and customer relationship management (CRM) software platform. The new tool will help drive business and provide retailers with technology and analytics that will help them remain competitive in an increasingly data-driven world.

“Modern sales software should be an essential element in every flooring retailer’s business plan,” said Aaron John, director of Shaw Flooring Network and retail programs. “Lead Tool helps retailers sell smarter by organizing and following up on leads, identifying problem areas in the sales process, and getting the most ROI on their advertising and marketing expenditures.”

Chase Shiels, co-founder and CEO of Lead Tool’s parent company, Cincinnati-based 4me Group, will introduce the Lead Tool program to Shaw retailers in special breakout sessions at the “Connect 2017” Shaw Flooring Network Convention in Orlando this month.

“What flooring retailer out there doesn’t want to remain squarely ahead of the competition and receive critical insights and data needed to grow their businesses for years to come?” Shiels asked. “I look forward to presenting this business solution to Shaw Floors retailers in January.”

All Shaw Flooring Network retailers attending Shaw’s Connect 2017 Convention are encouraged to attend the break out session to learn more.

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