Design blogger Bev McCollough from Flamingo Toes recently shared with consumers “5 Tips to Making Your Kitchen Feel Larger” and included a new Quick-Step floor as the first of her key changes in her own kitchen redesign. McCollough’s kitchen makeover is one of several room transformations featured online in Quick-Step’s “RoomUP Blogger Challenge.”

“We recently completed a kitchen renovation, taking our dark, greenish kitchen to a bright, vintage farmhouse style kitchen and I’m so happy with the transformation!” said McCullough. “The kitchen felt small and gloomy with the dark flooring and the monotone color of the cabinets and counters. A complete kitchen renovation wasn’t in our budget, but a few changes made a world of difference!”

On her blog, McCullough shares five key changes to make a kitchen feel larger on a budget. She suggests: installing light-colored flooring, adding light-colored paint, adding contrast, minimizing furniture, and leaving windows uncovered. Installing light-colored flooring was her number one suggestion, and she selected Quick-Step’s Gable Oak from the Envique laminate collection for her kitchen transformation.

“As a marketing-savvy brand, Quick-Step makes sure it is meeting today’s consumers where they are seeking information during the purchasing process,” said Paij Thorn-Brooks, vice president of brand marketing. “Today’s consumers spend a tremendous amount of time online gathering ideas, inspiration, and advice from trusted third party sources such as design bloggers before they ever step foot inside a retail store.”

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