Officially launched last month, is an informational website designed to help consumers make sense of their many flooring options and guide them through the purchasing process. The site offers Buyer’s Guides for each major flooring category along with information about trends, new products, and lots of photos, including a Floor of the Day posted on site and across major social media channels.

“My goal is to help educate and inspire consumers, to share with them all the wonderful things we know about flooring and our industry and to show them how to create a beautiful floor for themselves. A floor that they’re proud of. A floor they want to show off to their neighbors. A beautiful floor they’ll love,” said Santiago Montero, publisher of

The product-specific Buying Guides are designed to walk consumers through their various flooring options on their path to a purchase with a goal to help them take the next step and to make their buying journey smoother. Daily doses of inspirational photography, discussion of new products and trends, and soon video will be included on site as well as through social media. Manufacturers interested in having their products featured as a Floor of the Day are encouraged to provide product information and photography.

“We know that most flooring consumers begin with an online search,” said Montero. “There’s lots of information out there and that may be part of the problem–it can be overwhelming and confusing. What consumers need is an objective source of information they can trust that gives them the confidence to move to the next step–making a purchase.”

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