J+J Flooring group recently introduced six new products in the Form + Finish Collection. Amorphous, Atmospheric and Emulsion are three 24”x24” modular carpets available in 13 colorways. Organic Raku, an 18” x 36” plank carpet, offers 12 colors and a patterning effect with visual movement. Two Kinetex products, Fracture, a 24”x24” modular product in 12 colorways, and Flux, a 12”x48” demi-plank in six colorways, round out the collection. The carpet and Kinetex products can be installed together or matched with J+J’s new LVT products.

As Kinetex products, Fracture and Flux are standard with PreFix, a pre-applied releasable adhesive allowing the ability to install over concrete with an RH up to 99%. All Kinetex products have a 50%-lower environmental impact than traditional flooring. They also contain more than 55% recycled content and are fully closed-loop recyclable. Both are NSF 140 Platinum certified and have an EPD and a HPD available for complete transparency.

For more information, visit www.jjflooringgroup.com