Capel Rugs recently announced the promotion of three executives to newly created positions with the company. Cameron Capel has been promoted to president of sales and marketing; Richard Capel has been promoted to president of manufacturing; and Ron Capel has been promoted to president of finance and retail. The promotions will be effective as of 2018.

All three will report to Capel's board of directors. Currently, they report to John Magee, president and CEO. Magee, a partner with the management consulting firm ABTV, will step down as president and CEO of Capel Rugs effective Dec. 31, but will remain with Capel as an adviser to management and to the board.

Cameron Capel graduated with a bachelor of arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and earned an associate degree in fashion merchandising from Wood Tobé Coburn in New York City. She began her career in the New York garment district. In 1991, she returned to the family rug business. In her new position, she will direct all wholesale sales and marketing activities as well as lead Capel's Import Division, which sources hand knotted, tufted, loomed, and machine-made rugs from all over the world. In addition to her work for Capel, Cameron serves on the board of the Oriental Rug Importers Association.

Richard Capel graduated with a bachelor of science degree in textile and apparel management from North Carolina State University. He joined Capel Rugs in product development in 1989, and is currently responsible for all aspects of the company's manufacturing operations, which includes yarn spinning, dying, braiding, sewing and fabrication in Troy, N.C., and Dalton, Ga. In his new position, Richard will retain responsibility for all manufacturing operations and also will direct human resources and customer service.

Ron Capel graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in English literature from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He joined Capel in 1987 as marketing manager in the national sales division. In 1991, he proposed and led a successful expansion of Capel's retail division and was promoted to general manager of retail. From 1993 to present, Ron led a multi-store expansion of the retail division, and was promoted to managing director for retail. In his new role, Ron will retain responsibility for retail, and also will be responsible for finance and information technology.

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